As the youngest scion of a family of craftsmen, I was able to witness first-hand how my older siblings kept complaining about the poor quality and exorbitant prices of work clothes. As I have always been fashion savvy, I decided to start my own brand together with my brother to offer quality and affordable clothing to our family members and all artisans. Through meticulous research and an in-depth comparison with the competition, we have gathered valuable knowledge and put together our collection with care. We found great partners with whom we could produce our clothes and realize our ideas. Our mission is to provide craftsmen around the world with the best possible workwear to equip them at their best. We are proud that our brand, which emerged from a family of craftsmen, today offers many people a high-quality and affordable alternative.

Our vision

Our vision at MAR WORKWEAR is to be the leading provider of high quality workwear. For this we rely on innovative designs, best quality and good wearing comfort.

Our task

MAR WORKWEAR has set itself the task of offering craftsmen high-quality workwear that is functional and hard-wearing. For this reason, we focus on developing clothing that meets the requirements of the trade and at the same time offers a high degree of comfort and freedom of movement. We are constantly working to improve our designs and materials to provide our customers with the best possible products. Because MAR WORKWEAR isn't just about clothes, it's about our customers' trust in MAR.


hochwertige arbeitshose mit zollstocktasche

idea and implementation

In 2020, the planning of the first collection began and the brothers went in search of a suitable name and logo. After careful thought and research, they finally chose the name MAR, which means "snake" in Kurdish. In Kurdish mythology, the snake symbolizes protection and safety, to match the protective clothing the company would produce. In June 2020, the logo design was finalized and the first prototypes of the work pants were created.

gute arbeitskleidung

trademark registration

The brothers were obsessed with their goal of providing artisans with the best possible workwear. And so they didn't give up until they found the right partners to make their vision a reality. In 2021 the brand was officially registered and thus patented and they were proud of what they had achieved so far. But they weren't satisfied yet and wanted to make sure their clothing was perfectly tailored to the needs of the craftsmen. Therefore, they further developed and adjusted the prototypes to ensure the highest quality.

schwarzes polo shirt

Prototypes of the first collection

In January, the first prototypes of their first collection arrived and they were thrilled to finally hold their clothes in their hands. But they also knew that there was still a lot of work to be done to perfect their products. With their family of craftsmen as a test group, they received valuable feedback and made every effort to further improve their clothing. They worked day and night to optimize the fit, quality and functionality of their clothing.


sales launch

The year 2023 was a milestone for MAR. After many years of preparation and tinkering, the time had finally come: MAR presented its first collection at a trade fair. The brothers and their team were both excited and nervous, knowing that their work and hard work was at stake. But her nervousness was quickly overcome by the overwhelming response to her garments. The visitors of the fair were enthusiastic about the quality, the design and the functionality of the clothes. Many craftsmen immediately ordered their favorite pieces and passed on their positive experiences. Success at the show was a crucial turning point for MAR and they knew they were on the right track to becoming a leading workwear brand. After the fair, MAR officially started selling its collection through its online shop and partner companies. The brothers and their team were proud that their brand had become so successful in such a short time and that they were able to offer a high-quality and affordable alternative to craftsmen all over the world.