MAR WORKWEAR: The comparison between work trousers and basic work trousers

MAR WORKWEAR: Der Vergleich zwischen Arbeitshose und Basic-Arbeitshose

MAR WORKWEAR has prepared the ultimate comparison between MAR WORKWEAR work trousers and MAR WORKWEAR basic work trousers for you, so that you can choose the right work clothing.

Let's start with the MAR WORKWEAR work trousers. These pants have an ergonomic cut and a side stretch waistband for maximum freedom of movement. The trousers have a wide belt loop and a sturdy seam on the inner leg for extra durability. Two back pockets with Cordura reinforcement and Velcro and two semi-circular pockets on the outside of the trousers help prevent objects from falling out and prevent injuries when bending over. A zippered thigh pocket for a phone, a knee pad pocket with Velcro closure, a ruler pocket, a hammer pocket and Cordura knee panels make these pants a must-have for any professional worker. The trouser hem is protected with Cordura to prevent the trousers from being crushed and the light, elastic and breathable material ensures maximum comfort. The pants are rounded off by subtle reflective strips for increased visibility in poor light conditions.

The MAR WORKWEAR Basic work trousers also have an ergonomic cut and a waistband that can be stretched at the side for freedom of movement. A wide belt loop and a stable seam on the inner leg ensure additional durability. Two back pockets with Velcro fasteners, two side pockets, a thigh pocket with Velcro fasteners for a mobile phone, double-reinforced knees, a folding ruler pocket and a hammer pocket make these trousers a reliable companion for simple work.

But what are the differences between the two pants? The MAR WORKWEAR work trousers have some extra functions that are not included in the basic work trousers: These include reflective strips, Cordura reinforcements, knee pad pockets, light and breathable material, pockets on the outside to minimize the risk of injury and much more.

In short, MAR WORKWEAR work pants are the perfect choice for workers who need extra protection and functionality, while MAR WORKWEAR Basic work pants are a solid choice for those who need reliable work pants without sacrificing extra features and protection.

What are you waiting for? Choose the MAR WORKWEAR work trousers if you are looking for the best in functionality and protection, or the MAR WORKWEAR Basic work trousers if you need a solid choice for everyday use. Both pants are made of high-quality materials and offer you high wearing comfort and a long service life.

Regardless of which trousers you choose, you can be sure that you are getting reliable and durable work trousers that will help you with your work. MAR WORKWEAR prides itself on producing high quality workwear that meets the needs of professionals in various industries.

So if you're looking for a new pair of work trousers that will meet your needs while giving you the protection and comfort you need, then take a look at MAR WORKWEAR 's products and find the perfect trousers for your needs. With MAR WORKWEAR you are on the safe side!